Vantage News

Vantage News

2024 Vantage Training

A big thanks to everyone who attended the February 2024 Vantage training, it was great to have a room full of new Vantage dealers and technicians.

Feedback Feature

One of the many things covered in last weeks training was the new Vantage Design Centre 4.7 “Feedback Feature”

Click into Help then Make A Suggestion to let the Vantage software team know what you would like to see.

Congratulations to Michael and his team in Utah for this incredibly useful feature. One thing I have always maintained is that companies who actively (even aggressively) seek feedback on their products or software are the ones who have the best products and software!

I am so very pleased to see the feature and highly recommend that the next time you are in DC and something strikes you as odd or slow to please click the button and send in your suggestion.

New Design Centres 4.6 / 4.7 / 4.8

If you have been using either of the two newest versions of design centre in the past few months you may have seen the updates to the handling of Colour Loads and Tunable White to better support the LHuman / Human Centric Lighting abilities of Vantage. DC 4.8 should be available in the next 4 weeks which will complete these updates which make handling of colour even easier.