Installing speakers without tools. Fact or fiction?

Installing speakers without tools. Fact or fiction?

Installing in-ceiling speakers? Remember the days when it took a few minutes per speaker just to connect the speaker cable and install the speaker in the cut-out? What if you could install an in-ceiling speaker in 20 seconds? You may think we are joking, well... we are not.

TruAudio is a global leader of premium architectural, outdoor and commercial speakers. TruAudio designs and manufactures a full line of premium audio products. TruAudio is constantly on the cutting edge of audio innovation and raises the bar with speaker design. Techstyle is the authorised distributor of TruAudio in New Zealand.

In 2007, the TruAudio Ghost™ Series revolutionized the architectural speaker market with stunning design aesthetics and installation characteristics. 13 years later, TruAudio did it again. The new Ghost™ Series evolved from the ground up; with how it looks, how it performs, how it functions, and even updated low impact packaging.

The series was updated from 6.5” and 8” speakers to 7” and 9” woofers, providing even warmer tones for your living space. The 9” model features a 3-way design (a pivoting tweeter and mid-range, partnered with a fixed woofer). The depth of the reveal into the living space was decreased by 40% allowing the speakers to virtually disappear into the ceiling.

TruAudio’s new Ghost™ Series features the revolutionary and patented TruGrip™ technology, which incorporates a spring-loaded dog ear and mechanical cinching closure, significantly reducing time spent on trims-outs. TruAudio’s QuickConnect™ adapters were also incorporated, shaving even more time off of trim-outs if you use QuickConnect™ pre-construction brackets in the rough-in stage.

Finally, all new Ghost™ speakers now include a vented protective back box to protect the critical components on the back of the speaker and a tweeter bridge that doubles as a built-in handle.

When you unbox the speaker, you will notice four levers that are in an open/armed position.

Once inserted into the cut-out, with or without the rough-in ring, you can simply begin to close the levers, activating the TruGrip™ tool-less mechanism. As the levers are rotated, the dog-ears automatically swing out and clamp down on the material in which the speaker is being installed. Once the levers rotate into the completely closed position, pressure is removed from the springs holding the dog-ears in place by a proprietary and patent-pending mechanical closure that applies adequate pressure to keep the speaker in place for the lifetime of the product.

Should you need to return and service the project, the speakers can be uninstalled in less than thirty seconds. Simply rotate the levers back into the open position and use the reset holes to rearm the TruGrip™ system.

Quick Connect™ Technology

Simply connect the speaker cable to the rough-in ring terminals during pre-wire. When it's time to install the speaker, use the Quick Connect™ cable to tether to the speaker's Quick Connect. Patent Pending.

7" Dual Voice Coil Speaker

A newly designed, 7" dual voice coil speaker with enhanced acoustical performance.

Heavy-duty tweeter bridge doubles as a handle providing an easy install.