What Our Clients Say

About Definitive Technology: “I set up the Def Tech Monitor 55's for a quick listen.... ONE WORD: "AWESOME" everything I expected AND MORE !! ..very very happy”

Stereotype Hifi

“I recently purchased a set of Definitive Technology AW6500 Outdoor speakers, and was instantly impressed. The sound is pure, the bass is deep, and my whole outdoor area is alive. They are too good to be outside, but with a 5 year warranty, just too good not to buy them.”

Rob Fisher - Sharp

About ICE Cable:
"I've always been a firm advocate of using the correct cable for the right job and cat 5/6 is not the correct cable for serial communication.  Thanks to the ICE serial cable we were able to get reliable serial strings much further distance than using a cat 6 cable, it has now been installed for more than 12 months without any issues.

Mark Bridgewater
Ikon AVS

About Xantech: XLIP200 “The setup was easy and straight forward once I changed and used the IP address method.  This product was a good solution for my customer. Thanks for looking after me on the pricing too.”

Phil - ITL

About Labor Saving Devices:
"Pulling a bundle of cat6 thru a gibbed wall when the draw wire broke. Half came out the top, half dropped out the bottom. Whipped out the LSD kit and with the ball chain end on it, dropped down through three nogs and the bottom plate, through holes that weren't quite lined up either. Job done in no time – thanks LSD!"

Fritz - North Shore

About Labor Saving Devices: "Was trying to fish cables up the wall through an impossibly small access hole - the extra rigidity of the the Grabbit Mini over the fibreglass rods was enough to make the task easy! Paid for itself in the first use!"

Chris Bardon