RIP Nuvo. Long Live Autonomic!

RIP Nuvo. Long Live Autonomic!

The Covid pandemic is also hitting the audio industry. Sustained supply chain scarcity in audio components have greatly impacted the ability to deliver products. One of the victims is Legrand’s Nuvo range. Legrand is phasing out Nuvo by the end of 2021.

From its origins in Kustom sound boards to the whole-home audio solutions of 2021, Nuvo had a rich history. At Techstyle, we are sad to see the Nuvo range go. The devices worked flawlessly and allowed different music in each zone. Zones could be synchronised and play the same songs. The software enabled a wide variety of sources (locally stored, Pandora, Spotify, Bluetooth, Line In, Amazon, Sirius, and others).

Where one door closes, another one opens. There are alternatives to the Nuvo NV range of amplifiers and speakers such as Bluesound, Denon/Heos or Yamaha. But in this blog, we want to put the spotlight on Autonomic (

Autonomic was the first to develop a cloud-based music streamer, streaming Hi-Res Audio from local libraries, NAS, and all the most popular streaming services. Their award-winning multi-room amplifiers increase dealer versatility and allow for whole-home amplification to as many as 96 rooms. IP-controllable and boasting 50 watts per channel, Autonomic amps have the power to drive high-end architectural and floor-standing speakers

Autonomic is well known in the commercial AV community. It integrates flawlessly with Crestron and other control systems, with full search capability, and also has its own app for stand-alone installations (although we do not do any of those, so I can’t really speak to that aspect of the product line). Autonomic have systems from two streams into two rooms up to five streams into 16 rooms and can scale larger than that.

Clients love the experience. Everything stays within Crestron, so we have complete control over how the GUI looks and acts, and the client never has to change apps or do anything other than what they are used to doing every day. Finally, Autonomic has a broad range of streaming services on-board, including full Spotify integration.

The Autonomic Mirage Audio System offers an exclusive feature called TuneBridge, a complete music discovery and exploration tool that is dependent on what’s playing at the moment. Users can quickly jump sources to search for artists’ complete discographies or kickoff a Pandora station based on artist or track.

The Mirage Audio Systems also supports high-resolution audio playback, so users can enjoy everything from MP3 and streaming services to the highest resolution digital music formats.

If a homeowner wants to start off with a standalone whole-house music system but is interested in full home automation at a later date, the Mirage Audio System will easily integrate with popular home automation platforms.

As much as we loved Nuvo, Autonomic definitely has an edge over Nuvo. Not in the least the fact that you can have multiple user accounts.

So…farewell, Nuvo. We will miss you. Thank God for Autonomic, offering us a worthy alternative.