​7 Top Technology Fails You Can Avoid As An Installer

  • 1.Your client may not always be right – they want that beautiful glass fronted keypad opposite a sunny window – but your experience means you’ve considered the reflection from the sun. This goes for PIRs and sun bouncing off glass tables. Such considerations help your client get the very best experience from their gear which equals referrals for you!
  • 2.Gaze into your crystal ball. If your client is not sure what they want, or is on a tight budget make sure your prewire allows for future adds moves or changes. Document your wiring so that when the client gets you back to do some more work you can easily find your original wiring.
  • 3.Air the gear. By adequately venting your client’s equipment rack or cupboard you will extend the life of their gear. Help your client look after their investment, and make an additional margin on cooling products at the same time.
  • 4.Check the Wi-Fi. If you are suggesting a wireless solution for your client, be sure to check that they have sufficient and reliable Wi-Fi capability – or make sure they understand that they may need to upgrade their network.
  • 5.Always use the current cut-out template. Manufacturers are known to make small variations to product series and using an old template can spell disaster in the form of re-gibbing!
  • 6.A stitch in time saves 9. Take the time to make your install tidy and label your cables. Your reputation as a professional will grow and you’ll make your life a lot easier when upgrades or maintenance is required.
  • 7.You’re the expert. Don’t assume your client has the knowledge to pick a solution that is best for them. It’s your job to consult and guide them to the right customised solution for their needs.